Worries Bash coming soon!

Join us for a ceremonial release and help us bear the brunt of our worries collectively on Saturday, August 12th at 8pm at Agva-CIAT, Zossener Str. 34, HH 10961 Berlin

The USA’s recent election is worrisome; leaders are drawing the culture inward while souring relationships with longstanding allies. The emotionalization of events by the media is engendering worries that swirl inside us, trapping us in manufactured anxieties. We have been asking people in our communities what they are worried about and find they have a plethora of concerns at the ready. This project is an opportunity to collect various types of worries and consider similarities in emotional cycles across continents. There are many social situations where it is unacceptable to express these thoughts and emotions, yet we all have them. This exhibition will provide an audio portrait of hundreds of recorded worries emanating from fragile paper mache piñatas. Attendees will be able to bring different worries into focus via their physical interactions with these sculptures. Can the destruction of these worry vessels create space for clarity?